THE FEAST :: Cat Ba, Vietnam

While galavanting around the island, seeing all that it had to offer we met a family from California that recommended we eat at one of the floating restaurants. When I say floating, I literally mean a box floating in the bay, with a devoted section to your still-alive-and-kicking, soon-to-be dinner (prawns, fish, crabs, octopus!), decorated only with small tables and plastic chairs and accessible only by boat. We decided on Trang Nhung The family did not steer us wrong; the meal was fabulous… and we did the absolute most. Peep the videos for our most epic meal yet.  Everything is done by weight so we made sure to agree on all items & prices before passing go.  I HIGHLY recommend this; it would be incredibly easy to pick out the most without being aware of the cost and then receive a shocking bill.  All in all, the bill came out to about $40 ($20 each) which wasn’t horrible since most meals we’d had had been on the low low. Plus it is confirmed that when it comes to food I am the most indecisive person ever.

First course: Steamed Prawns, which we had no idea how to tackle.  Luckily someone noticed our struggles and we saw the light: scissors.

Second Course: Clams of some sort.  DELISH!

A large group of men were seemingly having a “guys night” and making their way round to make small talk with all the diners at the restaurant.  They insisted as part of “breaking bread” we take a shot of rice wine, to which we assumed a YOLO attitude and said yes.  Looking back this may not have been the smartest decision but hey, we’re still alive.

Needless to say, we got the ‘itis and retreated back to our freezing hotel room (though the front desk gave us a space heater, props) but not before getting some wine at the local grocery store to enjoy while watching bad TV.


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