Hoi An, Vietnam

FINALLY!!! We arrived in Hoi An to nothing but sunshine and blue skies. Such a cute little town with low, colorful buildings and a provincial charm. Everyone that I had spoken with loved Hoi An – and I could see why. It’s hard to communicate into words – and as corny as it sounds, it really is just a feeling. Hoi An was once the commercial trade hub of Southern Vietnam. Foreign traders from Japan, China, Netherlands and India set up different hubs for trade which is probably why you can have a ton of things custom made. And let me tell you, I went HAM on the custom clothes; the only thing preventing me from getting more was space in my backpack but I WILL return.

The process to get clothes made goes a little something like this: walking through the streets, browsing what different shops have on display and if the mannequins pass your first review, you then go into the shop to look at the fabrics they have available. I STRONGLY recommend having an idea of what you want BEFORE going into the stores. If you don’t you’re bound to go down the rabbit hole. Even though I knew what I wanted made (a replica of a Zara dress that had the most flattering cut on moi), I still left with 5 custom made pieces that I am obsessed with). The stores I went to were A Dong Silk, Ao Baba, and Blue Eye Tailor and the experience was fantastic. A strong contrast to the rest of Vietnam where everyone and their mother, brother, father and cousin is trying to sell you something, all the sales people were really just there to answer any questions and offer suggestions, only upon asking. I couldnt be happier with what I had made, would definitely recommend having stuff made (as long as your luggage can take it! My backpack is soooo heavy now). I think mens suits are definitely the most bang for your buck. Ladies – I would stick to dresses and or jackets.

Between fittings (I had 3 over 2 days) was filled with mostly just relaxing, motorbiking around the beach, eating and checking out the Ancient City which was simply beautiful. For Vietnam, Hoi An definitely is my number 1.

My “let-me-concentrate-so-I-don’t-off-this-bike” look.


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