Kampot, Cambodia

Guest post for my sister on Kampot!

Kampot is a sleepy (read hippyish) riverside town in the south of Cambodia.  It’s pretty quiet and not too much going on but a good place to relax, which was good for Ola due to her foot injury. I, on the other hand, decided to take on the challenge of rock climbing for the first time.  I went to Climbodia which home to the largest climbing cave in Cambodia.

We went to Kep, a town 30 minutes away and said to have the best crab and green pepper, the dish Kampot/Kep is known for. They weren’t wrong.  We rode over on a motorbike and searched the scene for the best spot to enjoy our meal with a view.  There are a string of spots to choose from and we landed on Holy Crab.  I had the crab amok (pretty much red curry with crab). Ola had the crab and black pepper. We also had snapper, squid, shrimp and spring rolls. This meal was the highlight of the trip to Kampot for me.

We spent most of our last day at the hospital, having a Cambodian doctor fix/improve on the work that the Vietnamese doctors had done. We wanted to get Ols fixed up there because the next island we were going to is off the grid and there’d be no medical services there. We spent about three hours at the hospital. Clean, no blood on the floor, and they all spoke English. Plus, he got the job done well, all for $20 at that!

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