Phnom Sampeau :: Battambang, Cambodia

Post winery it was off to the Killing Cave, Temples and Flight of the bats (that is the name I will give it cause I’m not sure what the phenomena is actually called). We arrived to the bottom of the mountain and needed to hire a motorbike to take us up; its incredibly INCREDIBLY steep.  So steep they don’t allow cars to go up. The Killing Cave was an area used by the mongrels of the Khmer Rouge to murder and dispose of anyone that threatened their mind boggling agenda. Since then however it’s been transformed into a place of worship and respect for those that lost their lives, surrounded by temples.  The picture above is walking out of the caves.

A quick ride further up the steep hills lands you at a fantastic view of the city, surrounded by more temples, stupas and the largest amount monkey’s I’ve seen in one place. It took a little while for me to work up the courage to walk around because for reals, these things were everywhere. And these were not your calm, sweet, cuddly monkeys. No. These were wild, “I-will-cut-you”, steel your water bottle and snacks kinda monkeys. There were definitely a few tiffs amongst the monkeys but not sure what the beef was all about.


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