Ao Nang Beach :: Krabi, Thailand

After Koh Lanta we hopped a ferry to Ao Nang which was definitely more my flavor. Phuket was a little too big, too city like for me and Koh Lanta was a wee bit too relaxed and full of couples; Ao Nang was juuuuuuust right! Great energy, full of bars, and a good amount of people looking to enjoy themselves but not in an annoyingly drunk way. On the beach, we met a group of guys very very briefly and ended up running into them the next day so we decided two times a charm and we should make a night of it. What ensued was 2 bottles of local Thai rum, soccer/football, Riverdance, Bob Marley and loads of fun. Unfortunately this led me to this most miserable boat ride due to the massive hangover. But boy, was it worth it šŸ™‚


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