Bali, Indonesia

Courtesy of my sister, Yemi!  Read on for celebrating her birthday in Bali!

Everyone I know who has been to Bali told me to come here and I can see why.  This place is amazing, though its hard to put into words why.  Ubud has a super-relaxed atmosphere.  One of the best things to do is just walk around, eat in the countless cafes (farm to table style), roam, do Yoga, chat with artisans (they are wood carving extraordinaires here), shop, and do nothing in particular.  Or, if you want, you can do everything: museums, temples, waterfalls, hot springs, rice fields, monkey forests, you name it.

Any and everything you want is here!!! Except the beach, there’s no beach here (which was perfectly fine for me after spending 10 days on boats and beaches, and bays). I could still feel the motion of the ocean the first few days….


There was no better place I could’ve chosen to spend my birthday. Literally, it was perfect.  Starting with my morning view into the courtyard of my private villa. BTW – shout out to Nefatari Exclusive Villas for being so wonderful (pics speak for themselves); they even surprised me with a cake.  Then spending the day at Jungle Fish, a resort smack in the middle of the jungle. I finished the day watching monkeys in action at the Monkey Sanctuary.

I truly didn’t want to leave Ubud and, truthfully, maybe I shouldn’t have because no other place in Bali compared to it. Don’t get me wrong, Bali is amazing, but Ubud is just beyond.

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