Sa-wat-dee! That’s “hello!” in Thai (let me not play – I had to look it up). Anyways Yemi and I arrived in Bangkok safe and sound Wednesday night. After a 24 hour travel journey plus a 15 and 12 hour time difference for my sister and I respectively, we popped two Tylenol PMs and hit the sack immediately.

We awoke the next morning (err afternoon) to a hot blazing sun and tons of possibilities. Filled with adrenaline, we hit the sites immediately and went to see some of the top temples here in Bangkok: Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kew & The Grand Palace. These 3 temples are key components, sometimes referred to the “Holy Trinity” of Bangkoks early history. None of my words will do any justice in conveying how beautiful, magnificent and rich in history these structures are. Wat Pho houses the largest reclining Buddha statue – it’s absurd how huge it is. It barely fits in the structure that houses it! And The Grand Palace? I think the name itself says enough. I will say that its incredibly crowded and a bit of a contrast in comparison to the calmness of Wat Pho.

After that, we went wandering to find our first Thai meal at Arom D Cafe and it was BOMBBBBB! We had fried noodles (obvi) but the real cherry on top was the platter of spice options they brought out. They had a sauce made of mini red and green peppers with a sauce/liquid that I’m still trying to figure out so I can make it when I get home. It was just divine and I’ve now discovered its a common Thai spice offered at restaurants. Score!



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