First Night in Bangkok!!

Tut Tut, Tuk Tuk. Tomato, Tomahto.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday there are boxing matches at Rajadamnern Stadium so we hit that up post amazing dinner (or lunch according to Yemi). Our plan was to take a taxi however when I laid eyes on a Tuk Tuk (yes I know in that video I say “Tut Tut”), that plan was scrapped. The fight was quite the affair. We stayed for about 4 matches and saw not 1 but TWO TKOs. We got prime seats right outside the ropes, we could pretty much feel the sweat (not really but you know). The most entertaining part was probably the motley crew of what seemed to be uncles, cousins, play cousins, sisters, and neighbors in each corner cheering on the fighters. Clear eyes! Full hearts! Can’t lose!!

To return home, was a little bit of an adventure. It seemed that all the taxis wanted to rip us off so a kind woman at a restaurant asked one of her staff to come out to the street to help us. Not sure exactly how it happened but we ended up on the back of a motorbike… both of us. Sorry mom, but it was so fun! Glad we got it out of our system just in case we need to do it again.


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