Cave Lod :: Pai, Thailand

It was a little scary to be in an enclave so big, in the dark, with bats squeaking, with a guide that spoke no English. There were a few cool formations: a monkey, an alligator – something that looked like teeth. It was quite an amazing experience – I’d never seen caves that big before. I’m not sure our photos show even a fraction of how big they were because it was pitch pitch black and our tour guide, as old as she was, was really trying to get this tour over with so she could get home. At about 6pm, we were about to start our 2 hour journey home…. This was a bad idea…

It was freezing, dark, windy AF, and empty – save for a few cars and massive trucks that passed us. At the beginning I was definitely a nervous Nelly, constantly going back and forth between peeking over Yemi’s shoulder to guide her drive and hiding behind her to avoid moths slamming into my face. About 30 minutes in I chilled out and kept looking at the stars to get me through this pain of a ride. There were a few moments when I thought we weren’t going to make it: the gas gauge looked like it wouldnt get us there and Yemi seemed to think our headlight was dimming.

We were about three quarters of the way back when we pulled over to do a map check; we were not in the mood to miss a turn or go in the wrong direction. All of a sudden, three dogs – and before I continue, it must be said that Thailand is full of stray dogs but they mostly ignore you and keep it moving. So, three dogs came running from what I guess was a drive way toward us and stopped. They were just standing there, looking at us like, you gonna go? I’m not sure if it was a look in the eye, anticipation or what but all of a sudden I just felt like they wanted us so I screamed GO!! GO!! GO!! And we sped off but we were not in the clear. They were chasing us!! So close that I, in the back seat, had my hands on the handle bars in an effort to protect myself while Yemi had her legs up in the air. I mean, these dogs were so close I could hear their nails scratching the concrete and if my hand had been by my side, I’d have no left hand. Nonetheless, we enjoyed a hearty laugh and made it back to Pai a short while later. We ended up running into our corn friends and enjoyed street food, drinks and good conversation.

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