Utopia :: Luang Prabang, Laos

We essentially spent our remaining time in Luang Prabang at Utopia, a hippie bar in town that had solid food, vibes and a view of the river.  Their tagline is “zen by day, groovy by night.” ‘Nuff said.  Our other spot was Indigo Café, which had the most amazing desserts. I’m pretty sure we went there at least three times, possibly four, in two days, even eating a strawberry muffin, mango cake, and chocolate-peanut butter cinnamon roll all in one sitting. “Yikes,” said our waistlines. “Yaaaaaassss,” said our taste buds.

Side note and word to the wise: be careful of what accommodations you book on online sites. The room we were originally given was NOT the same as the room from the pictures on Booking.com. Apparently, there are two parts of the hotel: the good part, with nice wood floors, a balcony, soft beds, a shower curtain (yes, this is a luxury that has been hard to come by on this trip) and hot water; and the not so good part (we called it the “maids’ quarters” as these rooms were literally at the back of the guesthouse) with a wooden block for a mattress and lukewarm water, at best. We decided that for $10 extra a night, it was worth the upgrade.

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