Ta Phrom :: Angkor Wat

Probably the pinnacle of our cultural immersion in Southeast Asia would be Siem Reap and exploring the temples of Angkor.  Home to the largest religious building on earth, it was no easy feat.  We had about 4 days in Siem Reap and so for 3 days, we did the temple circuits, starting our days at 4 or 5 am to discover and enjoy the temples with little to no tourists (except sunrise at Angkor Wat), minimal heat (that Cambodian sun though!), and to see them at the best time of day (the way the sun lights certain temples at certain hours is magnificent).  For three days we walked and climbed these structures which definitely top the list of best cultural experiences.  Some might frown upon me for saying this but if you are going to see temples in Asia, these are the ones to see.

Ta Phrom is the infamous temple nearly taken over by the jungle; twists and turns of trees and twigs decorate this temple that was also featured in Tomb Raider & Two Brothers.

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